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Am I suitable for a bariatric surgery?

In Hungary, more than 28% of the adult population is considered overweight. 

In Hungary, more than 28% of the adult population is considered overweight. 

When it comes to weight loss surgeries, there is a general misconception: that it’s only meant for pathologically obese patients. Anyone can sign up for a weight loss surgery, but there are some certain requirements that candidates must meet to undergo bariatric surgery. 

Most overweight people have their faith in diet and exercise, but unfortunately it is not an answer in many cases. Bariatric surgery is not the fastest, but a continuous and certain solution to get rid of extra pounds.

Weight loss surgery is a way more than a simple cosmetic surgery: it is a life-long commitment for a healthy life. 

When can a patient undergo surgery?

When someone’s BMI exceeds 40, undergoing a bariatric surgery is justified if conservative therapy  (diet and exercise) does not bring lasting results. At this level of obesity (mostly due to the limited exercising opportunities) only 5% can reach effective and lasting weight loss.  

In case the patients have some other obesity related illness (primarily type 2 diabetes, severe reflux, knee and hip osteoarthritis etc.), then it is advisable to execute the surgery above 35 BMI. However, indicated parameters are not set in stone, final decision is made during consultation. 

When is someone not operable?

  • If the patient is:
  • underage,
  • over 65 years old,
  • has chronic inflammatory bowel disease  
  • alcohol/drug addict 
  • suffers from severe liver disease (with the risk of gastric/ esophagus hemorrhage),
  • psychologically instable 
  • has a malignant tumour or is under chemotherapy. 

Why bariatric surgery?

Treating obesity with the help of surgery, bariatric surgery, is a rapidly growing surgical field. One reason is that the number of obese people is continuously growing. The other reason is that traditional treatments such as diets and medicines are unsuccessful in many cases. Surgeries provide more efficient solutions.  

The two most commonly used methods are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries. The surgery is carried out by equipment led to the gastric, through little cuts taken by a laparoscope.  These are laparoscopic surgeries, carried out by equipment led to the gastric, through little cuts. These solutions result in the reduction of the gastric size and nutrient absorption. As every patient have their own, individual health problems, we will advise the best-fitting method based on previous consultations and examinations. 


 If you are interested in weight loss surgeries and you feel yourself suitable for one, do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your goals and opportunities.