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Specialist of Bariatric Surgeries

Get to know more about Dr. Zsolt Baranyai medical specialist!


Dr. Zsolt Baranyai

How did Zsolt Baranyai become a doctor? How did he go from an apprentice doctor to a specialist? Who helped him on his journey? Watch our video and learn more about Dr. Zsolt Baranyai!  

We help you losing weight

According to the data of WHO (World Health Organization) there are currently 2 billion obese people on Earth. 

More than half of Europe’s adult population is overweight or obese. Among all European countries,  Hungary is the leading one in terms of overweight percentage. 

Let’s take a step towards a healthier Hungary together! Due to weight loss surgeries, patients expectedly lose 70% of their extra weight within 18-24 months after the surgery. 

 The two most frequently used procedures are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery.