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Being overweight is one of the biggest health problems. Currently, obesity is the most common metabolic disorder. Its continuous growth in the last decades is related to changing diets and lifestyle. 

Morbid obesity can be considered as a chronic disease and can be characterized by the piling up of fatty tissue in the human body. In practice, obesity can be scaled by the body mass index. 

BMI definition: the body mass is divided by the square of the body height (kg/m2).

In case of adults, we talk about obesity when their BMI exceeds 30 kg/m2. Extra weight is diagnosed between 25-29,9 kg/m2. We need to know that most overweight people become more obese during the years. 

BMI is a simple method and gives a clear picture about the level of obesity.  


By using our BMI calculator, you can find out if you are considered obese and what your ideal weight is. 



Normal 18,5 – 24,9
Overweight 25 – 29,9
Class I obesity 30 – 34,9
Class II obesity 35 – 39,9
Class III obesity > 40


Accompanying diseases


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