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How to start your new life?

A few steps towards a new start

Let’s start walking!

Most people don’t do sports regularly. For these people, doing sports equals to many long hours spent in the gym. Good to know, you may start with a simple walk. 

Outsiders may pay little attention, but people fighting obesity are often more withdrawn, sensitive and do not fancy going out due to their problems. Even a short walk to the grocery store, or a visit to a friend may seem exhausting or impossible.  

For this reason, we advise you to take a step forward and start walking! Even a little walk can lead to big changes in your life!

We have collected 5 reasons why you should take up walking!

We have collected 5 reasons why you should take up walking!

  1. Very useful!

    Walking is really useful for those who are fighting obesity. Doing it on a daily basis helps you to burn more calories. Many has no idea but it can be the first step to start a new life. 

  2. It is easier than you think. 

    We know, for overweight people it may be hard to start, but compared to running, it is much easier. It has a good impact on both your body system and self-confidence. Just start with a light walk and add a couple of more minutes every week! 

  3. You gain time

    Walking is an excellent opportunity to listen to your favourite music or an audiobook during the process!

  4. Reducing diseases connected to obesity 

    A daily 2-3 hours long walk can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases and metabolic disorders with 50%! 

  5. Better circulation

    Walking improves your circulation, so it pumps enough blood to your limbs, heart and brain! This is why you should be walking every day.